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May 30, 2022

C & B Consultants LLC have serviced business, celebrities, executives, government officials, and others seeking specialized protective services, equipment and or technologies for over a decade. C&B is able to deploy individuals or teams to supply you with the security protection, services or products you need at a moments notice. Our agents and tech specialist are trained and certified individuals including veteran law enforcement, military and high-level government security professionals. Their background and experience gives them a depth of knowledge in handling a wide range of security needs.


C & B provides Personnel Services throughout the Continental United States. Our services include the protection of Commercial Buildings, Mobile Patrols for Gated Communities, Mail Screening, Executive Protection and more. Our unique advantage lies in our ability to remotely monitor Personnel and the Facilities they protect from our state-of-the-art Security Command Center.

C & B is a fully licensed and bonded Security Personnel service provider headquartered in New York City, and we have  extensive experience in providing quality protective services to properties and persons.

All Security Personnel have been licensed in their respective location where they provide service. In addition to local state training requirements all Security Personnel are required to complete extensive in-house training. Additionally all Personnel are visited once per tour by a Supervisor to ensure the highest level of service is being provided to our customers.

C & B offers our customers the unique advantage of continuous monitoring of Security Personnel by means of our Command Center. From the Command Center Supervisors are continuously able to monitor Personnel Services being provided at facilities which we secure. This continuous monitoring allows us to ensure that all protocols are being followed and that the high level of service our customers deserve is being provided.


C & B provides Executive Protection Services in the form of armed and unarmed personnel. Armed personnel are Law Enforcement or Military Personnel with specific training in providing protective services.

C & B maintains a fleet of armored vehicles for Executive Transport. All vehicles are driven by experienced individuals with extensive training in evasive maneuvers.  C & B has provided Executive Protection Services to heads of state, celebrities and heads of corporation.


C & B provides investigative services throughout the world for individuals and corporations. With an experienced staff of investigators, our background screening of individuals and corporations provide clients with the most comprehensive and accurate information so that they can make strategic decisions in the most expeditious and informative manner available. Respected law firms, insurance companies and many other organizations turn to C & B investigators for forensic accounting, litigation support, asset searching and computer forensics.

Forensic Accounting In today’s world, understanding the preparation and disclosure of financial reports is essential. Excel’s investigative team of accountants and attorneys specialize in uncovering fraud. Their expertise help you make informed decisions during due diligence, litigation and investigative situations.

Litigation Support C & B’s investigative teams are uniquely qualified to support our clients in the legal profession with timely, accurate and effective information. Our goal is to provide you with the intelligence to make strategic legal decisions in the most expeditious manner. C & B’s experienced investigators, accountants, and computer forensic experts uncover the critical information needed to assist attorneys in gaining leverage and executing their strategy.

Asset Searching and Analysis Our certified teams of investigators are successful in locating assets worldwide. C & B’s investigative teams including forensic accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners have the experience and unique understanding to find assets in various hidden forms, wherever they may exist throughout the world. We help litigants execute judgments and recover any improperly hidden or transferred assets.

Computer Forensics C & B’s computer forensic investigators and technical staff are experts at retrieving, analyzing and preserving electronic information. We help individuals and businesses recover and analyze critical business information stored in electronic format. We prepare companies for litigation by analyzing a particular computer’s use or retrieve past information, files and emails.

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