List of Our Consultant Services

May 30, 2022


C & B Consultant Services offers a wide range of state-of-the-art security systems to ensure that your property, staff and belongings are protected.

We offers access control systems and CCTV systems. Both of these offerings are available as stand-alone systems or remotely managed and hosted systems. We secure facilities around the world. All systems are capable of being monitored and/or controlled from our recently constructed Command Center.


We recently constructed a new Command Center. Our Command Center is one of the most sophisticated of its kind in the country. This Command Center is the backbone for all of our offerings and allows us real-time views of alarm conditions at our customer’s locations. Additionally the Command Center enables our Personnel supervisors the ability to remotely ensure that all sites which we are providing Guard Services too are properly being serviced. The result is a safer solution for our customers.


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